Anroid applications development

Android operating system take a large part of the mobile phones and tablet computers market. This system is recognized as friendliest for the customers, the most flexible and and has many options as well. Sertek Media started working with Android application from 2010.  That is why, you can trust our company. We take  care of all your projects from the beginning to the end. Android apps development provide more opportunities to reach the customers.  Thats is why nowadays Android application is inseparable part of business development.

Android application development and services

Exclusive apps development and design for mobile sites

Applications/games development

 Business and e-commerce environment development

Android applications advantages

 The detailed 2D and 3D graphics library

 Access to use P2P GoogleTalk function

 GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS technology to send/receive data  on mobile networks, which uses the same platform

SQlite data protection

Export opportunities

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