Information systems development

In modern society, the importance of information systems results in ever increasing amounts of data. In addition to automated information systems is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure proper and timely processing of data. Development of information systems we pay attention to information security, the company needs and business process analysis. According to the company’s information needs choose the processes that can be optimized. The analysis of business processes and information needs prepare an information system project. After the project preparation and validation  perform programming of the system.



Why is it worth install information system?


Project management

Information system allows formulate tasks to follow progress of the project on time and to spot problems.  

Staff management

Information systems support, the staff data can be stored, pay-roll manage, control time, etc. 

Finance and document management

The system allows to plan and distribute income and expenses to automatically archive and prepare contract.

Production and stocks management

You can plan the stages of production, to follow stocks, inventory analysis, etc. 

Transport management 

Allows you to control and monitor the movement of transport. 

Customers management

Customer data storage, the ability to monitor customers activity and register calls and meetings, etc. 

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