CRM customers and project management system

This is a Cloud technology based on ERP and CRM business management solutions, which will boost your company effectiveness and allow to optimize the happening process.  This business management systemallow you to reach your business from anywhere in the world – all you need is just an internet connection. We are offering you to try SERTEK CRM demo version for free and find out how easy to use this system is.  User – demo, passworddemo123.

SERTEK CRM advantages


Project management

Project, project tasks, urgent services management (by department, individual employees), carried out stage following (Gantt chart, performed job time, status and etc.) 

The company activities management

Product and services accounting, stock management and organization, turnover supervision and control, employees number. 


Helps to plan meetings, major works. Possibility to send an automatic invitation to the customers. Simply  to plan your work and etc. 

E-mail management

Integrated e-mail package with the ability to capture your customers letters, archive it and restore it in any time. Letters distribution by the employee or client.


The possibility to make contracts, to manage documents and archives system (by shelf/archive number/contract number).   

Advertising campaign monitoring

Effective marketing campaign development, detailed information about the activities of marketing, allows accurate prediction of the expected payback. 

Company web

CRM system allows you to create a private company’s computer network, an intranet, which are stored and disseminated data for only employees. 

Customer monotoring

The possibility to observe client activity  

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